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Awwwwwe<3 I love this....I honestly didn't know what to expect from Amber as a solo artist but I did have high hopes. She did not disappoint.
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SM can seriously train ANYONE to sing! Apparently TVXQ's Changmin had a horrible voice, and look at how much Taemin has improved!!
Sm always make her rap when she has this beautiful voice Amber Good Luck ^^
I love the part where she transitions from singing to rapping again. It's like OH THERE'S MY GIRL. I WAS WONDERING WHERE YOU WENT.
Hahaha @danidee I was thinking the same thing, not that I didn't love this, this was truly surprising and unexpected, at least I didn't expect this XD
i love it 2 such a beautiful song with her beautiful and ofcourse always beautiful Amber as she is ♥