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Horrible World Championship Skiing Crash [2015]

Ondrej Bank of the Czech Republic suffered a concussion, bruised leg and cuts on his face after he crashed near the finish during the downhill portion of the Alpine combined Sunday at the world championships.He was able to move on his own and underwent a CT scan at the hospital, which race officials said was clear. It hasn't been determined yet whether it will be necessary for Bank to stay at the hospital overnight for observation.
Bank was in the middle of a fast run when he stumbled just before the final jump and went over it out of control. He slid across the finish line on his side and medical personnel rushed to treat him.
He was able to move on his own and will undergo more evaluation at a local hospital, race officials said. He also will have his face checked for possible fractures.
Realizing now how fast they really go. When they do it perfectly it's hard to tell, but they really are going so fast
@TheAdrenaline That's really good to hear
@mikerosa92 He will be okay. Just a hard fall
Poor guy, hope he is okay
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