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finally getting back out there. kook out for some new skate movies soon! Anything you guys want us to try and get on film? leave a comment, and we'll try it out
Yup! @KTM2014 only guy I know (personally) who can do them is the rider in my crew @BlakeRuss and they look sick but take a lot of commitment.
@KTM2014 try and stay on your board this time lol ;)
@KTM2014 good to see you back
Blunts are awesome I was so close to gettin them then winter happened. Nose blunts are super weird but cool too
lol that would be a long skitch at times. it is also hard to get everyone together. takes a lot of planning to catch everyone on a day when they're free, and wanting to skate as well. when I was out there was a group of ten guys mobbing down an old mt. highway. I was like "WHAT!" Wish I could of been there
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