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Daily Dose of Writing
Now transcending species... February 9, 2015 Write the thoughts of a dolphin seeing humans for the first time. February 7, 2015 Imagine you are a person of the opposite gender. Now imagine you see yourself for the first time. Write down your first impression of yourself. February 5, 2015 Write the plea of an innocent being framed for stealing and consuming the nation's last chocolate chip cookie. February 3, 2015 Write a description of every detail about a candy you would like to have. (Your own creation :)
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Ha! I've never thought about what thoughts are happening inside a dolphin's head at the thought of humans.
3 years ago·Reply
And what's also interesting is how they would think while communicating with others since they're also so intelligent in comparison to other animals.
3 years ago·Reply
@chiaroscuro I think this is one I'll have to try!
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