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London artist Abigail Reynolds has a very interesting take on photography. She folds two so they become overlapping images. She takes care in making the contradictory images form a perfect arrangement. The images are of the same place but taken at different times, one of the modern urban city landscape and one of an earlier time. They two colliding images juxtapose the past and present, highlight the changes that have affected the architecture.
See more of Abigail's work at http://www.abigailreynolds.com/
Very interesting form of photography! I love found/collage style photography such as this!
@danidee I'm glad you appreciate that! It just goes to show that in the art world you can put a unique spin on anything. Process may be similar for many people, but execution is usually unique to the artist.
I love how this isn't the first series you've added to the collection that involves folding photographs and reassembling them into a new work, but both photographers took entirely different approaches to it. So cool.