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You’re ugly. You’re fat. You’re not important. You’re not loved. You don’t matter anymore. These thoughts, these horrible thoughts rummage around in her head daily, never giving her a break. The words and thoughts wanting to break her, shatter her to little pieces, so when she tries to put herself back together like before the pieces can make her bleed. No amount of alcohol, sex, drugs, or taking the blade to her own wrist can stop the thoughts running through her head. So she will drown and wait till the pieces are smaller instead of the big pieces that she already put back. Waiting till the darkness can swallow her.
There's always the option of darkness, or, of working for the pieces to pull together. I promise, from experience, that both are possible!
guys do feel like that too but the way the world look at it u are a man u should withstand these things and by our Turn we do thats why women need men and the opposite is true @lissamia4
There are so many people in the world; and some of them also have times when they feel the pieces are impossible to put together. And then they manage it: I'd love to see this piece continue into that zone!