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Cast Kim Myung Min as Anthuny Kim Jeong Ryeo Won as Lee Go Eun Choi Si Won as Kang Hyun Min Oh Jin Eun as Seong Min Ah Jeong Man Sik as Oh Jin Whan Let's see what happens today:) At the moment AK persuade one of the most famous writer, GE comes in and sprinkle juice all over him. He's angry and cries "What are u doing!" GE"I am a girl who you threaten! Lee Go Eun !" GE"The reason I get angry is the person like you runs wild in the drama field! you will die someday !" and she goes away. AK tries to catch the famous writers but no one gives him 'yes'. The most famous writer "Then just give me ten minutes" But after ten minutes, the anwer comes from another writer, Jung writer who is bad relationship with him. A bitter harvest,,, He is kicked off from his company.. The representative comes here. He is JH AK interviewes.. AK"i have lived a colorful life, of course, there are some shade in my life...yeah..I mean the shade have stayed 3years ago..and until now...selling my house....my father passed away...Nowaway I cry..even I didn't cry when my father passed away..Give me some medicine." The doctor "Depending on the medicine is not a treatment." He gets a prescription to stop his crying. In his office AK"is there any problem?" The officer"Um... we were behind on gates rate .." AK"Next" The officer "and maintenance cost is also..." AK"huh..leave the office..I have some works.." GE works very hard in the market and she expects what will happen the drama that they watch. They are surprised at her talent. AK sees the nameplate of his rival, jin hyun. AK"Maybe do you have about 300 million won?" JH"You're in difficulty like that?" AK are embrassed.."No way ~ just in front of the office, accident took place..just I want to solve the problem with cash. But today I forgot to bring my wallet." JH"Sorry. Today I also forgot to bring my wallet" AK"You got investment from somewhere?" JH" Yes, I try to get investment about ten billion won from japanese company." He thinks this is a last chance to stand up him. He watches for a chance to get this investment. GE's mother"You don't want to write the drama script? Nowadays, we earn enough money so if you want, try to write it." But GE, she doesn't care about that. AK hides in the comapny to get the papers related to the investment. (Actually I don't know well about this paper ㅜnㅜ) He tries to open the lock. AK be careful !!! the guard is about to come here !. Maybe this is a close game! The guard doesn't notice about his existence so AK takes the picture of the papers. And back to his office he studied about the investment. He sends the email to Japanese company maybe he fix the script related Japanese colonial era. actually the original is written by GE. AK get a phone from Japanese comapny. They are really welcomed his suggestion and are impressed about the script. So he needs GE because the original is written by her. He tries to find her. he visits detective agency to find her..the person request the 8 million won. On the TV advertisement. she advertises her store, AK sees her and go there as fast as possible. AK"is there the writer of EG?" EG"Pardon? the writer?" AK"We will contract you..espiecally your script 'Kyeong seong ' " But after she faces into the person who calls her, she suddenly changes her face and tone. EG"How dare you come here? Get out of here" AK"You know..I'm completely ruined..but the kind of dramas AK, can stand up again. To do that and conquer the world, I need you" EG"Get out of here!" AK"I know I'm a trash Okay it is okay you hate me but don't do that sorry for yourself. Regardless of me, think about yourself, your dream. Will you finish your life just in this mackerel store?" AK talks himself.."This is a last chance ..is it finished just like that? "He took a medince. GE recalls his saying and she decides to follow him. GE's mother"Thinking about your skill grilling the mackerel.., it is better to choose the drama writer's way" GE"There are two things you have to promise..the first thing is I really hate you we just meet to do work and the second is if you harass one more, I will kill you" AK'Okay and my request is that if you want work with me, stop talking down. They go to meet the investor of the drama. In the Japan. GE is surpriesed about how they treat her. really luxurious way such as air plane and car...except the lodging. In front of Hotel, you know AK is so poor, so he lies to her that there is only one room here. The investor is a businessman who is a Korean resident in japan. AK"Don't make a mistake when you see the investor!" AK watches carefully the woman who is pouring the tea. GE'Huh? you're a man?" GE doesn't know the japanese so he lies like he decides to invest this drama because of AK. But the investor request one condition. This drama' The morning of Kyeong seong' have to air on this year.' AK "After we catch the table of organization of broadcasting, you will get the investment." So the contract will be signed up. They reestablish their resolve each other. On the way home, he sees the scene that the investor shoot the gun to someone.. The investor said" Breaking the promise means death" AK is shocked... Finish :)
Jung Ryeo won my idol is so gorgeous and nice. she's so amazing specially in dramas! <3
@dudoong u don't say?k she's also famous for fashionista;)
@cutiepie yea I hope so! Isn't charecteristic of AK is interesting? He caculate popularity of his drama's ratings
she is beautiful
i think this drama will be really popular! i bet!