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How do I initiate my slides quicker? I feel like I'm just turning, then lose traction in the turn, so then I just 180. Help me!
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refrain from grabbing your board. instead hold it up high like you're giving a high five. strighten your shoulder facing to which direction you want your board to go
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more speed, kick out more with your back foot, don't grab the board, put wait on front foot basically what everyone else has said
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But more than anything just practice. Your body will get used to it and it becomes easier.
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A combination of what a lot of people have already said. More speed, not hands, and practice. My piece of advice would be this, sometimes it's a little easier to initiate a slide if you first quickly carve in the other direction. So if you are going for a heelside slide, first carve quickly on the toeside and then try to initiate the slide.
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