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Type of Curl: Ringlet
Use a 1/4 inch curling iron to achieve this curl. Ladies with curly hair should definitely invest in one of these to touch up your curls and keep them from getting unruly.
Type of Curl: Big and Voluminous
For those with long, luscious locks, you can use a 1 1/2 inch curl to get a soft, romantic or loose beach wave. If you're going for an effortless curl, spray hair with sea salt prior to styling.
Type of Curl: Soft Wave
Use a 1 inch curling iron to create this sultry siren look. Just create a deep part and curl your hair in two-inch sections. Apply setting spray and brush out the curls with a flat paddle brush.
Type of Curl: Romantic Country Rose
Use a 1 and a half inch curling iron to achieve this style. Perfect for those with short and medium length hair. Tip: Wrap the ends of small sections of your hair and gently separate the curls so they look natural.
Type of Curl: Round-Out Ends
A 2 inch is great for hair that needs body and a nice "blow out" look. If you have layers this iron can show it off well.
Type of Curl: Imperfect Bedhead Waves
Use a waver to get a boho-chic look. Just clamp the prolong on a section of your hair (starting at the top), hold for a few seconds and release. If you have thicker hair just focus on crimping certain the top layers to avoid getting a lion-esque hair.
I needed a new curling tool and this was a helpful guide in helping me decide which one I should get. I'm getting the 1 inch!
Whenever I see a curled hair, it always reminds me of the time when a roommate of mine in college years ruined my hair by curling it too much on my first date. My date called that hair "ramen hair."
This is really handy. I usually use a 1" and I never knew what to expect out of it.
I can never curl my hair with the iron wider than 3/4 inch. It always end up looking like a soft tousled strand.
My mom was soooo into the tight curls when I was little but I'm much more of a loose waves kind of girl.
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