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Maybe it sounds shallow to size up a romantic prospect by guessing his or her earning potential. But who could blame you, when study after study has found that money disagreements are a major source of relationship tension? Just think of all the money issues that crop up in a serious relationship – especially when you're married. How much do you put aside for a house? For retirement? For a car? How do you pay for a kid's college education? Is it fair that one of you is always brown bagging it to work while the other is lunching at expensive eateries? Should you go big on vacations, or choose cheaper, modest trips? Perhaps instead of fawning over someone's looks, everyone should be checking out each other's financial portfolio. In fact, according to Citi Double Cash credit card's January 2015 survey of 1,400 American adults in a committed relationship, 73 percent of respondents would prefer a partner who is good with money over one who is physically attractive (the preference of 23 percent). If you haven’t yet found your financial soul mate, and financial compatibility is important to you, date with these traits in mind. http://bit.ly/1vAZUlI
It's not always easy to make sure the one you like has finances in line, too! lol
I think you get some insight into their financial lives by their spending habits and whether they're always in a crisis situation. More importantly, the conversation is going to have to be had about, not only about their current financial situation, but about how finances are going to be managed in the relationship.