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So I am a huge fan of the ombre look, but if we fast forward about 50 years into the future, I'm pretty sure this is what the hit hair style would be. Pixelated hair is actually a growing trend and may be the next big thing in hair dye!
Personally I think the colored 'pixels' are a little too much, but the natural colors are really growing on me!
The blonde pixelated one looks cool in the picture but I feel like it would just look like the hair dresser mess up after a while haha
I love this style looks so unique, I would defo have this done but only a small part of my hair tho, say like a side ways fringe, on top of roots or tips off ur hair. I doubt It would look as good on ur whole head tho. but that's js my opinion. 馃槉
This is cool but too extreme for me.
This is definitely weird. I already have a hard time with pixelated images, it'll be dreadful for me to wear it.
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