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When it comes to bridal makeup some women prefer the minimalist style. A way to stick with the natural look and still look glamorous is adding a touch of glitter to your eyelids. This technique brings out your eyes and give you the extra spark.
Draw your winged-eyeline with a liner brush (using a jet black shadow). Dip another liner brush in water and dab a bit of silver shadow and draw a silver line above the winged-eyeline. Then finish the eye makeup with curling your lashes and mascara.
Note: You can also use a silver glitter liner instead of shadow to create this look.
Pair this eye makeup with a nude-pink lip stick and a rosy pink blush.
I'm tempted to try out this look tomorrow (even though I'm not doing anything special).
I know what you mean @stargaze. This is just too pretty to pass by! ;)