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Q: I was dating a guy for two years. In the last six months of the relationship, it just wasn't the same, and we fought all the time. We were at different parts of our lives(him starting his first serious job and me being in my last semester of high school). It’s just wasn't the same anymore, so we talked about it and eventually broke up. During that time I started kinda developing feelings for my best guy friend who treated me so much better than my boyfriend does. Am I a bad person for this? And should I tell my friend I like him? He knows about the situation about my boyfriend and how that ended. He’s the only one I went to for advice since he always listened. Would I be a bad person for telling him that I like him, even if it started
while I was dating someone else?
Note: I received this question via private message from someone in the Love & Relationship Community. Respond with your advice!!
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@starboy300 Exactly. Nobody wants to be used!! It's normal to like someone else like @fuahmingo Said but you should be sure you like them!
tell him if you want him in your life
@RashidKayani Isn't there a risk in that? :/
I think she should wait for him to make the move. It's more special if he pursues you than the other way around.
Take your time... Find out if you really really like him or if it's just that safe feeling you have when you're with him.. Cause i think he's your safe point.. But it doesn't have to be.. So find out before saying certain things.... Ok All the best..