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If you don't know what letterpress printing is, then you've got to get to Paper Source asap to look at their letterpress samples. Seeing isn't believing until you've run your fingers across the cotton sheets to feel just how luxurious this method of printing really is. Especially for your wedding invitations!
I'll skip the history lesson of letterpress printing and the mastery of the German Heidelberg press from yesteryear. Suffice it to say, what you see today--and love--in letterpress printed materials is all thanks to the unparalleled consistency that Heidelberg presses could achieve. The thicker the paper, the deeper the inked impressions. And while that "impression" was frowned upon in the Victorian Age, it's that same impression that has made the last decade see a surge in this style of printing.
Advances in technology and plastics has made possible the use of photo polymer plates, which up until this discovery, it was nearly impossible to get the variety and unbridled creativity seen today in printed use prior to its advent. It allows the creation of computer generated art and copy to be transferred for use for letterpress printing.
An example of a wedding invitation using letterpress comes from This particular example shows off a spectacle in color as this Indian invitation makes excellent use of fuchsia, orange, gold and silver.
Notice the detailing of the Indian pattern. Letterpress printing allows for tight registration between the two colors, which is astonishing when you consider that each color is applied separately. This was printed on 100% cotton paper and you can see the detail of the paper is slightly textured. The impressions of the golden stars are deep, which gives this invitation a depth besides the weight of the paper.
If you are looking for something sumptuous and custom, then I urge you to consider letterpress wedding invitations. And don't stop there. All your stationery needs can be met through letterpress. Save the dates. Bridal showers. Post nuptial brunches. Thank yous. As you can see, color and design are completely up to you. With Marsala being the 2015 color of the year by Pantone, you may want to combine it against ivory cotton paper or more modern against a bright white cotton.
What are your thoughts about letterpress for all your wedding and stationery needs?
Where is this place that you guys know about that I don't? I live in Chicago. I know about Papyrus. @noonmarez @marshalledgar
No way!! @noonmarez. That was the first location I had ever been to. I've been to tons of their locations since. Never heard of them before until I went in 2002. I used to live in chicago. Do you live there?
My cousin got married in Chicago at the Walnut Room and the invites were beautiful. Just like this but silver and blue.
Letterpress has been around forever. I love almost anything produced on this. You can get some amazing stuff.
I always wondered what this was called. Letterpress. Never heard of it before, but it's giving me tons of ideas to talk to my mom about. The colors are really pretty too.