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My Reaction to 4Minute's Crazy
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
4Minute tends to put out songs that I don't like and then a few months later it becomes my jam. So hopefully this is just another song that hasn't clicked for me yet, but for now I really don't see the appeal at all.
- Hyuna's voice is really hit or miss for me and her 'rap' in the beginning was sooo annoying to me.
- What is Gayoon wearing?!
- The use of English was too much, way too much. There is a good way to incorporate English into a song but this sounded really forced.
- The dance wasn't much of a dance? I love 4Minute for their viral dances like Hot Issue or What Cha Doin' Today and this just wasn't great.
- Jihyun....unfortunately I can see why when you good 'jihyun leader' the word 'useless' comes up :/
Anyone agree? Disagree?
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sorry but I disagree. I think that thw mv was pretty good but everyone has their own opinion and I respect that. like you it tajes me awhile to get into 4 minutes songs