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"Who can change God's plan?"

That is a very interesting question posted by the Kings' enigmatic center, Demarcus Cousins. If asked, though, I am guessing the rest of the Kings' organization is asking "who can change Demarcus Cousins?"

Cousins is talented enough to be the top center in the league

There is no denying the type of talent that Cousins has. I mean he has the spin move, he has a soft touch from the perimeter, he can dribble like a SF, and has incredible strength. He has a ton of potential, and this year, he has put it all together. He is averaging:
24 ppg 1.7 blocks 1.5 steals 12.4 rebounds
Those are insane numbers. He is a beast. And he has finally put it all together... stats wise.

Cousins is an emotional headcase

He doesn't seem pleased doing anything for anyone. Cousins biggest problem is that he seems to think that everyone is against him, so he doesn't seem to enjoy being mentored by anyone. He is certainly talented and could be the #1 big man in the league, but... can anyone ever reach him? Can anyone ever convince him that he is not being targeted or accused by everyone?
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