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So first of all sorry this is late, I've just had a lot to do this last week, but regardless I've gotten this done... Yay me!!! I'll make most of my posts on the computer from now on which will hopefully help with the videos failing to load issue, and to take advantage of Vingle's brand new editing format ^^ Hopefully some of these videos play, if not, you might have to look them up yourselves, I promise it's worth it :D A big thanks to @Christy for making this awesome challenge, I'll post the new challenge ASAP :) Ok so here we go :) 1. E.R feat. Channels - MC Mong MC Mongs whole album was incredible, and honestly I could have chosen any song off if it, it was a really tough decision, every song is so good, especially "Broken Fan" with Gary and Hyorin, but I had to go with the song I've listened to most off of his album which is his remake of a popular DMNT song "E.R" (sorry Hyorin :'( ) turns out he used to mentor them or something like that, anyway I hope you guys enjoy it ^^ 2. Tears Falling - AOA AOA kind of sneaked into my list of favourite girl groups, just like a cat burglar (See what I did there? I'm sure you did, and now I'm wishing I hadn't.... anyway... let's move on shall we?) as I've already shared "Like a Cat" I thought I would share my other favourite song of theirs :) 3. False Hope - Song Jieun I would like you all to know that a third person has now officially made it onto my Ultimate Bias List, Which now consists of CL, Hyorin, and now this personified amazingness, otherwise known as Secret's Song Jieun!!! <3 Ok so call me crazy, but there are no rules that specify I have to have one ultimate bias, and if there were I'd break them! I love all of her songs, but this is probably the one I listen to the most, enjoy :D 4.Walking Proud - Ayumi Hamasaki I fell in love with this the moment I saw, and heard it, she is incredible, and so inspirational, she does all of this with the disability of being deaf (ok Autocorrect tried to change that to "dead"... That would have made quite an achievement on her part!) in one ear. I just adore everything about this, I hope you will too ^^ 5. I Swear - Sistar You should all know by now how I feel about Sistar, they could release a terrible song and I'd still find something to love about it, seriously though this song is just the absolute best, they always look like they have so much fun, plus Hyorin is part of it, so obviously I adore it :) <3 6. Missing You - 2NE1 Where do I even start, Minzy!!!!!! Dara!!!!!! CL!!!!!! Bommie!!!!! I love them all soooo much, this is one of my all time favourite songs by 2NE1 it's so emotional, everything about this is just perfect in my opinion, I hope you love this too ^^ 7. Sixth Sense - Brown Eyed Girls I don't know about you guys but I'm really hoping for a comeback soon, this song is another one of those ones I turn up and just lose myself in, and that high note gets me every single time XD 8. Focus - SPEED (Woo Tae Woon) The first time I heard this song I certainly didn't think he was saying "Focus" I loved it even when I thought he was saying "F#@k this" lol, as it turns out there isn't quite as much profanity here as I thought XD I don't know if many of you know but this is actually Zico's brother, he is one of the rappers in the group, I thought that was pretty cool :) 9. Wild - 9 Muses This is one of my all time favourite songs, I just can't help but turn it up and dance around to it whenever it comes on, and then repeat that process 2-3 times XD 10. Mona Lisa - MBLAQ My favourite song by MBLAQ I just find it so awesome and catchy, and the dance is pretty fun, although I'm sure I look quite foolish whilst trying to copy the dance while no one is looking XD This certainly wasn't easy, I've found myself adding songs and then removing them, and then repeating the same process over and over with other songs. I would like to add honourable mentions to my other favourite artists, to name just a few. Orange Caramel After School BTS Epik High EXID SPICA BoA IU GLAM U-Kiss Fiestar Bigbang Ailee Leehom Wang WINNER Block B Akdong Musician BESTie F(x) Secret Fujita Maiko Yun Duo B1A4 Angela Zhang Zhang Li Yin VIXX NU'EST T-ara Davichi 365 DaBand Kumi Koda Hong Jin Young And many many more. I would have loved to feature you, but there just wasn't enough room :'( Well that's my list I hope you all enjoyed it :) Full credit to all the owners of these videos, no copyright infringement intended (These songs and music videos DO NOT belong to me!) :)
HAHAHA your honorable mentions list is so great ahhahaahah
I love the MC Mong album too! I think my favorite song on it is the one he has with Bumkey, but the Hyorin/Gary one is all sorts of rad too.
a few? haha can I borrow a few dollars if that's what you think is a few haha jk. I love this list!
@christy I'm glad you liked it, I'm really busy lately too so yeah the extra time has been good, unplanned, but still good :)
Wooow this list is perfect @MattK95 I enjoyed alot. and great we have time to the new challenge coz I am so busy this days
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