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A Man's Note of Love for His Father during the Storm

A Toms River, N.J., man who didn't think he would survive Sandy's storm surge, broke into a stranger's house and left a farewell note asking her to "tell my Dad I love him." The note reads: "Who ever reads this I'm DIEING — I'm 28 yrs old my name is Mike. I had to break in to your house. I took blankets off the couch. I have hypothermia. I didn't take any thing. A wave thru me out of my house down the block. I don't think I'm going to make it. The water outside is 10ft deep at least. There's no res[c]ue. Tell my dad I love him and I tryed get[t]ing out. His number is ###-###-#### his name is Tony. I hope u can read this I'm in the dark. I took a black jacket too. Goodbye. God all mighty help me." Thankfully the letter writer, identified only as Mike, was reunited with his father, Tony. And both will have a lifetime to retell his tale of survival. This is heartwarming, and it's great to know they survived.. :)
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Carbon Bike Wheels
Carbon Bike Wheels Biking is healthful, and a competitive sport requiring adrenalin flow, stamina, and speed. With constant practice, a cyclist can improve over these aspects given the time frame. One other factor that influences the competency of the rider is the supremacy of the bike in use. So, a cyclist must use a high-quality bike and keep in trend with the more functional carbon bicycle wheels. In case to keep the bike rolling the wheels should extend smooth and dependable hubs for riding. High stiffness is meant for exact tracking. Moreover, it should be able to hold the tyre at great pressure. The braking system should be consistent. At the same time, the bike should be lightweight and aerodynamically efficient when riding. Carbon bike wheels at present are one of the must-have accessories for a serious cyclist. Carbon bike wheels are the best choice to upgrade any bike. The performance benefits are immense compared to a basic pair of wheels. Once you have customized your bike you will discover carbon bike wheels have improved in qualities like · Stiffness-carbon rims are mostly stiff and extend more support in the corner. · Quality · Affordability · A light-Weight-the cyclist can ride the bike at amazingly fast speed. · Appearance cool · Aerodynamics leading to faster rides. · Stability · Greater braking · Comfort All these qualities create a perfect harmony between rider, road bike and the wheelset. The bike is easy to accelerate and decelerate. Carbon bike wheel is used for climbing to triathlon. Carbon bike wheels are devised to get the best balance between weight, aerodynamics, and stiffness. The bike then becomes sufficiently light to climb uphill and equally smooth for speedy downwards rides. Even at the time of contests, the cycle is capable of rapid acceleration. Thus, in short, carbon bike wheels take up any type of force when applied to the bike pedals is quickly transferred to wheels with slight loss. The designs are many in carbon bike wheels for races. For instance, bike wheels using tube-shaped carbon bars are extremely useful when climbing on sharp turns. The tube-shaped format of carbon bars produces stable resistance against compression and other tension forces by making the carbon wheels very quick to react and unalterable. The bike can generate momentum from a small quantum of the force applied to it. Carbon bike wheels range The variety in carbon bike wheels are - · Cost-effective carbon bike wheels are with aluminium frames concealed with carbon. · The costly ones come with alloy hubs and spokes along with total carbon rims. · The luxury carbon bike wheels are with carbon hubs and carbon rims. At times titanium alloy is part of the construction. · Lightweight carbon bike wheels are made from carbon with little alloys. With a piece of background knowledge on this, you can compare the various carbon bike wheels being sold by known wheel makers. In case you are a racer and has time trial then a pair of carbon bike wheels is a good investment for your benefit. Others can possess these wheels by choice and prestige.
Carbon Wheelset
Carbon Wheelset Carbon wheelset made its appearance in the early nineties as the manufacturers began experimenting with the material which was used with the reputation of high-performance in Formula One. In the field of biking, it made an entry in 1989. Some categories of riders mostly racers the attraction of carbon wheels is beckoning. The acceptance of factory constructed wheelsets has encouraged its use by consumers. Upgrading a wheelset is now an easy job for customers and detail specifications can be compared with ease. The carbon wheelset is the market innovator right on the top as a choice. It is so because it improves the rider's capability and performance. The cost structure is significant still the carbon wheelset market has developed significantly surpassing in sales to lower-priced wheelsets. The consumers have achieved new gratitude for the aerodynamic performance of wheels. The four components of a wheel are · Rim · Hub · Spokes · Nipples Most of the carbon wheelset is purchasable in tubular and clincher form. The rims are fitted with rim brakes and some with disc brakes. The package is inclusive of a disc wheel. The rim height and width differ or else shaped depending on the model. The front wheels come with 16-20 spokes. Lightweight wheels are synonymous with high-quality carbon wheelset. The production of carbon wheelset is considered a form of art because lightweight experts have mastered the art of engineering meticulously. The construction experts visualize and build carbon wheelset which is lightweight in construction has stability, stiffness and comfort thus establishing compatibility between rider, road bike and its wheelset. The marketing agents also offer single wheel like a spare wheel. Special features The carbon wheelset needs less energy to accelerate the rotating mass and at the same time is very stable. Thus, carbon wheelset is a combination of · Aerodynamics-this will minimize drag very much so will make a noticeable difference at higher speeds. · Crosswind resistance · Stiffness-greater than an aluminium wheelset · Handling · Weight lightness-the lightest carbon wheelset possesses tubular rims. This wheel will be particularly good for climbers. · Braking performance-good carbon wheels can transform the ride of a bike. The bike has a more responsive nature. · Speed- carbon wheelset provide a smoother ride even on rough road surfaces · Agility · Stylish-the bike looks sleek when rolling on a pair of deep-section carbon wheelset. Several bikers invest in these wheels solely because it looks good. However, the layout method involves lining the mould with sheets of carbon fibre for curing. This whole process is manually done leading to increase of time and cost of manufacturing. The spoke fabrication and weight distribution of the carbon wheelset ensures total curve precision. The carbon wheelset is less likely to twist and no watt is destroyed but it is converted into acceleration quickly. Laminated spokes More so with light carbon wheelset the spoking factor of specific significance. The spokes are unified into the carbon rim and the wheel stays practically stiff. The spokes can withstand a traction force and guarantee a high level of safety on day-to-day riding. The wheels should be used as specified and, in that case, will last a long time.
How to Decor Home to give it on Rent to Traveler?
This week we teased you all on social media and we're excited to show you how to adorn yourself with our home decor and our fall tour. This will be a DIY - filled tour of our home decor and decoration, complete with photos, videos, and more. During the tour, you will see how we have decorated for the fall, from our kitchen to our dining room, bathroom, living room to our bedroom. We changed the scenery on our prepared wooden table with some autumnal decorative touches, including a throw pillow and fake eucalyptus twigs (which can be found here and here). Our autumn dress is similar to last year, with amber tones reminiscent of the throw cushions and the not quite so eucalyptus branches, as well as a bit of red. We love the way the wreath can be seen from the inside out and immediately carried it to the living room, which borders our entrance. It is the first color our guests see on our front door wreaths upon arrival, and we love it! Our entrance is the entrance where our guests arrive and we want to keep it as close to the front door as possible, even if it is just a few meters from the door. If you don't have enough ghost sightings from the towers, know for the Natchez Ghost Tour, organized by Karla Brown. The house exchange is open for guided tours all year round and includes a tour of all the preserved buildings as well as numerous other historic buildings that are shown on the city map during the tour of the city. It is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, and on Sunday and Monday from 1 pm to 5 pm. Karla Brown also offers several historic tours, such as the Natchez Historic District Tour and the National Historic Landmarks Tour. Most of the visitors Center offers you the opportunity to take a ride through the historic district and visit some of the city's historic buildings. After breakfast in the morning, head to New Orleans on a guided, authentic swamp boat tour that takes you through the mysterious bays and swamps infested with alligators and lined with moss-draped trees. After exploring nature, cross the road and head south on the Mississippi. Have breakfast, we follow the house decoration to the historic town. Then our last drive on a quiet country road out of the city leads you to some of the most beautiful houses in and around Natchez. The holiday exchange and rental industry is booming worldwide, and you do not want to miss it, especially during the vacation week. We are pleased to open the week of professionally managed apartments that provide guests the simplest of both worlds. If you would like to understand more about the week, we recommend you visit the official website of the week for more information and resources. We'll show you why you're considering this page, do your research, and that we also will highlight professional holiday rental managers who can process your inquiries, draw up contracts, advertise your property, collect your deposit balance, and process all inquiries so you'll sit back and easily enjoy the experience. If you'd wish to take part and participate within the holiday week, please visit their homepage to download the toolkit and help spread the word about professionally managed apartments. Remember to follow the above steps to guard you against unscrupulous landlords and take the time to seek out the simplest places to remain. This list is meant to be wont to support The Vacation Exchange competitors and book your preferred The Vacation Exchange deals on exchange homes. Finding a knowledgeable manager to represent your property is quick and straightforward, but it's crucial to seek out a trusted insurance broker and remember all the principles and regulations concerning owning a vacation home. You furthermore may have an immediate booking website, where guests can reserve their property for themselves. The Vacation Exchange only offers this sort of accommodation and there are typically weekly vacation rentals. Websites like house swapping and home swap offer a good range of rental options, from short to long-term, also as a number of other options. In this agreement, the apartment manager buys a rent for the week that the homeowner wants to rent for one transaction. If the rent is booked with some away before February 1, 2021, taxes are going to be collected and returned to the town. For rents booked in January 2020 and beyond, taxes must be paid by the apartment owner from the NY City Office of Taxation and Economic Development. If you book your rent with them after Groundhog Day, 2019, they're going to not be ready to collect taxes from you, nor will they will be ready to transfer taxes from your home to your city. Choose a lover for sharing your collection of house swapping apartments with and add them to your property. Leave a comment to your friends, vote for your favorite, and choose the comments section below. Your house also will be made available as a vacation house swapping if the owner decides to incorporate his own week (s) within the holiday and rental program. We would wish to take this chance to introduce professionally managed vacation rentals to guests and property owners, to encourage them to book a stay or choose an apartment rented by the knowledgeable manager. Supported our long experience within the holiday rental industry, we've compiled an inventory of the simplest companies that are trying to find apartments for several guests, supported their experience and expertise. Whether you're starting call at this exciting industry today or simply curious where to start out, the great companies that provide land around the world will assist you to navigate your way around and obtain started.
[친절한 랭킹씨] ‘이 사람이 내 상사였으면…’ 3위가 백종원, 1·2위는?
TV 속 많은 스타들은 대중에게 큰 사랑을 받는 만큼 사회에 상당한 영향을 끼치기도 합니다. 연예인에게 공인과 같이 엄격한 평가가 뒤따르는 이유지요. 그리고 그중에는 여러 스태프, 동료와 함께하는 모습에서 유독 매력적인 리더십을 보이며 누군가에게 롤모델로 꼽히는 이들도 적지 않은데요. 각종 예능에서 활약하는 스타를 대상으로 직장인들이 ‘함께 일하고 싶은 연예인’을 꼽아본다면 과연 어떤 이름이 순위권에 오를까요? 이상적인 상사 유형과 그에 맞는 연예인은 누군지, 취업성공 플랫폼 잡코리아와 아르바이트 대표 포털 알바몬이 함께한 설문 결과를 통해 살펴봤습니다. ※직장인 790명 대상 ‘롤모델 상사’ 설문조사 조사 결과 7위부터 4위까지 순위권에 꼽힌 인물들을 보면 가수부터 배우, 기업인 등 다양한 분야에 그 면면 또한 화려했는데요. 7위는 트로트 경연 방송을 통해 후배들의 가능성을 응원하고 발굴하는 모습을 보여준 가수 장윤정이 꼽혔습니다. 해당하는 상사 유형은 부하직원의 성장을 독려하는 ‘후임양성형’으로 분류됐습니다. 6위는 고민상담 방송에서 현실적인 조언으로 활약을 펼친 ‘등대형’ 서장훈의 차지. 5위는 재치 있는 입담으로 방송을 이끄는 ‘소통형’ 신동엽이 올랐습니다. 4위는 음악 예능에서 군림하지 않고 함께 즐기는 모습을 보여준 유희열이 ‘공평무사형’ 상사로 선정됐지요. 본격적인 상위권인 톱 3에는 더 다양한 분야의 인물들이 꼽혔는데요. 3위에는 어려운 자영업자들에게 상황에 맞는 솔루션을 제공하고 현장을 진두지휘하는 ‘실무형’ 리더십을 보여준 기업인 겸 요리연구가인 백종원이 꼽혔습니다. 또 고희(古稀)를 훌쩍 넘기고도 예능 방송을 통해 새로운 도전을 이어가며 편견 없이 다양성을 존중하는 모습을 보여준 윤여정이 ‘열린마인드형’ 상사로 2위에 올랐지요. 이름만으로도 인정받는 여러 스타들을 제치고 함께 일하고 싶은 상사 유형 1위를 차지한 사람은? 다양한 돌발 상황에도 유연하게 대처하며 방송을 이끌어가는 국민MC 유재석이 ‘나침반형’ 상사로 꼽혔습니다. 이상 톱3 인물들은 세대별 순위에서도 대부분 상위를 차지했는데요. 세부적으로 세대에 따라 선호하는 유형에는 조금 차이가 있었습니다. 유재석은 20대 선호도에서, 윤여정은 3040 선호도에서 첫 번째로 꼽혔습니다. 또 백종원은 전 세대에서 상위권에 이름을 올렸는데요. 40대 이상에서 유희열이 선호도 2위에 오른 점도 눈에 띕니다. 지금까지 직장인들이 함께 일하고 싶은 이상적인 상사에 대해 살펴봤는데요. 여러분의 마음 속 순위와 비슷한 결과가 나왔나요? 또 순위에는 언급되지 않았지만 현실에서 여러분이 바라는 이상적인 상사의 모습이 있다면 어떤 유형인가요? ---------- 글·구성 : 박정아 기자 pja@ 그래픽 : 홍연택 기자 ythong@ <ⓒ 뉴스웨이 - 무단전재 및 재배포·코너명 및 콘셉트 도용 금지>
Triathlon Wheels
Triathlon Wheels Wheels are an important piece of equipment on your bike along with tyres that aid in covering all the terrain that you decide to ride. A triathlon wheels bike is like a road bike but permits a very aerodynamic position. The triathlon bike is awfully specific and is versatile as can be used on all types of terrain. The choice of such a bike is based on leisure, regular or competition. Triathlon wheels bikes display design challenges but still look glamorous and stylish. This bike form 60% of the collection in a race. The bike has endurance, strength, and mental toughness. At present triathlon-specific bikes have endurance, strength, and mental toughness. It also has varying cockpit set-ups, different geometry, and advanced aerodynamics. These are in demand now. Triathletes are required to be comfortable for prolonged periods in an aerodynamic position. The difference between triathlon wheel bikes and road bikes is based on recruiting different muscle groups and supporting comfort without giving up performance. The choice of the frame In case you are a beginner pick a classic road bike. Its design frame makes it possible to possess an advanced position which is comfortable. The aluminium frame is the most common material on an entry-level to mid-range bikes. In case the biker uses carbon frame that will be more rigid and yield a good energy output. For more experienced competitors the choice is an aero road bike with very wide and profiled tubes on the frame. It enhances a very leaning forward position in increase aerodynamics. However, this bike will be heavier with reduced comfort compared to a road bike. The speed choice will depend on the time trial bike. It has a revealing geometry and good aerodynamics. It is a frame with more emphasised seat tube angle and low seat post and a hanger. The wind-cheating wheels reduce drag and help a cyclist ride faster. Disc brakes in triathlon bike Aerodynamics is the main constituent of triathlon bikes. Generally, triathlon courses are flat with very few hills. Reducing aerodynamic drag is of paramount importance to triathletes as it means reduced effort to sustain speed. · The aerodynamic drag is enhanced. · The weight is increased. · The braking performance is not increased. · The braking power is superb. · Easy to adjust and maintain. · The lifespan of the wheels is increased. · The stiffness is also increased. Due to the dangers presented by using a disc wheel on the road, front disc wheels are prohibited in road cycling and triathlon. Minimizing aerodynamic drag is of utmost importance to triathletes as it leads to the reduced effort required to sustain speed. The wheel and tire interface are one that wheel designers pay close attention to. Wider tires have been accepted to be better than narrower ones and the wheels are more aerodynamically optimized for wider tires. The rims are getting wider. Take care that aerodynamic gains may not offset the increase in rolling resistance or comfort from the smaller tire. Many of the road and triathlon wheel frames manufactured today have restrictions.
각종 영화 스포) 알면 재미있는 영화 디테일들 -5-
1. 코코 영화에서 대다수의 시간을 좌측처럼 넝마와 맨발로 지낸 핵터는 후반부 오해를 풀고 다시 리베라 페밀리로 돌아오며 신발과 복장이 복원됨 2. 슈렉3 빨간망토가 빌런들과 악당들 클럽에 모여있는것을 볼수 있는데 왜 쟤가 저기있나 의문을 가질수 있지만 슈렉 3편에서 빨간망토의 할머니를 잡아먹은 악당늑대가 슈렉편이기 때문에 이해 가능함 나라도 할매 죽이고 그 옷 입고있는 미친 괴물 있으면 복수하고 싶을듯 3. 데드폴 2 데드폴 2 삭제신 중에 엑스맨 하우스에 엑스맨들 코드네임이 적힌 벨크로가 있는데 그 중 휠체어(Wheels)가 있음 이는 엑스맨 1편에서 프로페시아x에게 울버린이 당신은 휠체어라 불러야 하냐고 비꼰 걸 나중에 데드폴 2에서 표현한것 4. 킬 빌2 페이메이는 엘르 드라이버에게 자신의 죽음에 대한 복수를 간접적으로 함 페이메이는 브라이드(우마 서먼) 을 처음 만났을 때 너의 오른팔은 나의 것이라고 하는데 이후 페이메이가 죽고 브라이드가 엘르의 눈을 뽑을때 오른팔을 사용함 5. 해리포터와 불사조 기사단, 신비한 동물사전: 그린델왈드의 범죄 불사조 기사단에서 헤리에게 아빠 위즐리가 마법부 부서간 마법메모가 사용되기 전에는 부서간 문서 이동을 부엉이를 통해서 했다고 말하는데 11년뒤 프리퀄 영화인 그린델왈드의 범죄에서 실제로 마법부 내부에서 부엉이들이 문서를 배달하는 장면이 있음 6. 다시 또 장고 극중 초반에 누렇고 더러운 이빨을 가지고 있던 장고는 마지막에는 비교적 깨끗한 이빨을 보여주는데 이는 같이 다니던 닥터 킹 숄츠가 치과의사로써 실력을 발휘해 줬을것이라고 추정 가능함 7. 스파이더맨 3 찐따파커의 스파이더맨 3의 시작점에 파커의 손을 보면 거미에 물린자국이 있음 8. 알라딘 자스민이 도둑질을 하다 걸린 상황에서 알라 율법에 따라 도둑질을 하다 걸린놈은 손모가지를 자른다는 형벌을 하려는 장면인데 도마를 보면 얼마나 많은 손모가지들이 여기서 잘렸는지 알수 있음 9.주토피아 교통국애서 나무늘보에게 증명사진을 찍으려던 돼지는 엔딩에서 보면 교도관이였음 10. 마다가스카 3 (2012) 영화에서 뉴욕을 그리워한 동물친구들중 마티는 그 특유의 미친 강박관념 덕분에 뉴욕의 스카이라인을 전부 기억해서 진흙으로 만들었는데 2006년 지어진 원 월드 트레이드 센터는 이 스카이라인에 포함되지 않음 왜냐면 애네들이 뉴욕을 떠난 날짜가 2005년이기 때문에 마티는 모르는것 11. 007 스카이폴, 007 스팩터 007 스펙터에 나오는 M의 복장은 스카이폴과 동일함 스카이폴 직후 M은 자신이 죽을때를 대비해 비디오 유언장을 안전망에 올려놨다고 추정 가능 이후 본드가 그 비디오를 보고 자신이 죽고난 뒤에도 지시를 받을수 있게 함 12. 월E 오프닝 신에서 쓰레기 더미 위에 핵발전소와 풍력 터빈이 있는것을 볼수 있는데 인류가 쓰레기더미에 파묻히면서 뒤늦게 친환경 에너지를 이용하려 했지만 너무 늦어버렸다는것을 암시함 13. 업, 카2 서양 잼민이가 발견한건데 업에서 사용한 정글부분 인트로를 카2에서 재활용함 14. 6 언더그라운드 라이언 레이놀즈가 SNS에 영화 촬영중인 배경으로 노가리 까는 동영상을 올렸는데 영화 14:42에 노가리 가는 라이언 레이놀즈 뒤통수 확인 가능함 15. 라푼젤 마녀가 "널 세상에서 가장 사랑한단다" 하며 라푼젤에게 키스하는데 자세히 보면 이마가 아닌 머리카락에 키스중임 (출처) 이제 마지막인가봐영! 덕분에 재밌었당 +_+
How to Make Online Reservation on Spirit Airlines?
Want to Make Online Reservation on Spirit Airlines? Get the Procedure Here Making reservations two or three months before the departure always helps you to get flights at a cheaper fare on Spirit Airlines. And if you want to book tickets online but don't know the procedure, you shouldn't worry even a little bit as this post has brought you all details to do so. So, make Spirit Airlines reservations immediately online with the help of the given steps. Procedure to Make Reservations on Spirit Airlines Online 1. Before anything else, you need to open the website of Spirit Airlines. 2. Then you are required to choose the Trip and Destinations for your flight tickets. 3. Next, select the dates and number of passengers. 4. Add a promotional code if you have otherwise click the Search Flights option. 5. Consequently, you see the flights to your destination and you have to select the suitable one. Once you select the flight, click Continue. 6. After that, provide the required details and customize your bookings as per your choices. 7. Moving ahead, you find the payment section where you have to select a payment method and complete the Spirit Airlines flight ticket purchase. On completing the payment, you get the confirmation for your flight ticket along with the confirmation number. This confirmation number helps you to manage your flight ticket later. Book a Flight Ticket Online on Spirit Airlines Anytime from Anywhere There's no doubt that the above method will help you to book tickets online. In case it happens that you face any hassle while making Spirit Airlines reservations, the customer service got your back. The reservation support team members will provide you all the required assistance to book flight tickets without any delay.
Carbon Road Bike Frames
Carbon Road Bike Frames Not all carbon road bike frames are made in Asia. The frame is the heart and soul of the bicycle. All components are secured together into a single cohesive whole. Thus, buyers when selecting the correct frame, the basic material matters a lot. A good carbon road bike frame is a combination of carbon fibers of different types which are used in different places in a frame for extremely specific purposes. Carbon road bike frames are used by cyclists and in the racing world. When out to buy a new bike, the market will offer multiple bike frame material and choice becomes difficult. The alternative is between aluminum, carbon fiber, titanium, and steel. Carbon road bike frames are manufactured through the weaving of carbon fiber strands and allowing it to set within a hard epoxy resin. These are light, sturdy, and reasonably stiff. The material can be crafted into aerodynamic shapes. Features of the carbon frames. Comfort-ride quality has been accepted as beneficial for carbon frames. The carbon can be devised to be stiff in some directions and yielding in others. This makes the carbon frame convenient over bumps and rough roads but stiff sufficiently for efficient pedalling and vertically compliant. Carbon by its very nature lessens vibration when riding. The tires and touch points also influence the comfort level. Weight- a lighter bike can better the riding experience. It is possible to construct exceptionally light and capable bikes out of carbon. The strength-to-weight ratio in carbon is better. All the carbon is not equal. There are grades in carbon. The lower-grade carbon consists of more fillers leading to cost-cutting but enhancing the weight. That is why carbon is the best choice. The higher-grade carbon through expert engineering brings out carbon bikes that are strong but intensely light. Frame only contributes to a part of the bike's total weight. The remaining weight is made up of components. Wheels specifically will make a big difference in bike weight and its heaviness when riding. Receptivity and stiffness-the bike must be laterally stiff and vertically compliant. When pedals are pushed hard, or the corner is to be maneuvered a good frame requires stiffness to oppose the torsional forces so that torsional forces help in handling the bike. Technically carbon as a material is best suited for the purpose. Durability- most riders are fearful of damaging an expensive carbon frame. Carbon fiber strength to weight ratio is higher compared to steel. Carbon has limitless fatigue life but is likely to get damaged by the direct impact such as a big crash. Carbon can be repaired with ease and the old becomes as good as new. Expenditure-carbon is expensive as it is produced through the more labor-intensive method. Every frame needs a committed mold which adds to the cost. Carbon fiber layout is possible by hand. Components are easy to upgrade than frames. Visual examination-carbon fiber unlocked new potential in cycle design. This has made the bike curves smooth and swooping. The bike is beautiful and appealing. Carbon delivers the performance of many high-end carbon fiber frames.
Carbon Wheels Clincher
Carbon Wheels Clincher Bike wheels of quality can change the wheels from sluggish and laborious to effortless and thrilling. The road wheelsets come in different forms like a clincher, tubular and tubeless with matching tires. There are clincher and tubeless wheelsets. A clincher in any wheel that is suitable with non-tubular tires. The word clincher gets its origin from the tires as they clinch to the rim of the wheel along with a bead of hard rubber. Generally, bicycle rims are clincher rims to be used with clincher tires. These tires possess a wire or fiber bead that interlocks with flanges in the rim. A segregated airtight inner tube confined by the rim supports the tire carcass and manages the bead lock. In case the inner part of the rim where the inner tube fits have spokes, holes should be concealed by a rim tape or strip which is made from rubber, cloth, or tough plastic. This safeguards the inner tube. Carbon wheels are both carbon fiber and aluminum. History In 1998 Lew Composites brought into being the first full-carbon clincher rim. Company owner Paul Lew an enthusiastic triathlete desired the same properties of weight savings and aerodynamics that a carbon tubular could offer but through ease and versatility of a clincher. Carbon Wheels Clincher has only a decade ago made the presence felt in the market. The new and old brands have entered the market offering rim depth, weights, and prices. The rim variants now come with a clincher, tubular and tubeless tires accompanied by rim brakes and disc brakes. Upgrading to carbon clincher wheels Upgrading the wheels is a popular trend among riders. Indeed, high-quality tires can effectively improve bike ride. Upgrading can also lead to a decrease in weight and better dependability. Deep-section rims help you move faster. Most bikers understand that aerodynamic is more important compared to weight. The choice lies between carbon wheels clincher, tubular, or tubeless and corresponding tires. Wheels indeed gain from human touch. Hand constructed wheels are still better than those built totally by machine. Consider the following factors for this. · Deepness-suited to rim-the principle states that deeper the wheel the better it is for aero performance. However, steep climb and yaw angle are variability's that differ to this principle. Another factor of influence is the weight of the rider and the quantum of watts produced when plying on a flat and smooth surface. In case the wheels are very deep for your weight the rider's competence to guide and maneuverability will be affected. · Wideness- wider rim induces a more satisfying ride. Wider rims compute a few millimeters to the width of the tire. Ensure that the dimensions of fork, seat-say and chain stay authorization, so the new wheel and tire collection fits the bike. · Unity-most road bikes are comparatively constant as regards dimensions of most bikes. With coming of disc brakes has supplemented a variety to hub dimensions in the bike industry. Thus, the carbon clincher wheels you decide to buy is compatible with the bike we possess. · Quantum in speeds-generally wheels possess compatible hub cassettes. However, inspect if the wheel you choose fits the cassette body. The quality of the carbon clincher wheel will decide its lasting property and comprehensive quality of the wheelset. The endurance of the rim, hub, and spoke are important factors. Generally, the hubs in carbon clinchers are of superior quality and lasting. The spokes are not costly and replace is easy.
10년 경력의 히키코모리를 채용한 회사 썰
우리회사는 채용면접을 전부 내가 담당하는데 과거에 딱 한명 전직 히키코모리를 채용한 적이 있다. 이력서를 처음 봤을 때 35세였는데 경력 공백이 10년 이상이었다. 보통은 망설이지 않고 서류심사에서 떨어트렸을 텐데 왜 그 타이밍에 우리회사에 응모했는지 흥미가 돋아 면접에 불러봤다. 처음 만난 인상은 햇볕을 쬐지않은 콩나물처럼 비실비실한 청년이었다. 사람은 태양을 보지않으면 이렇게나 하얘지는구나 싶었다. 이야기를 들어보니 학교를 졸업하고 취직한 회사가 맞지않아서 바로 퇴직하고 그때부터 계속 히키코모리 생활을 시작해 집에서 게임만 하다보니 10년이 지났다고 했다. 응모 이유를 들어보니 그속에는 히키코모리에서 벗어나고 싶은 강한 마음과 각오가 보였다. - 양친이 자신을 걱정하고 있다 - 더는 걱정을 끼치고 싶지 않다 - 일할 기회가 온다면 죽을 각오로 하고싶다 - 자신을 바꾸고 싶다 이런 생각을 매우 불안한듯이 말하면서도 눈동자 속에는 강한 의지가 보였다. 도심에 있는 일류기업이라면 채용면접에서 그 사람의 실적이나 기술레벨, 인간성을 보겠지만 우리같은 회사의 채용면접에서 그런 짓을 하면 채용할 사람이 없어진다. 그래서 나는 항상 "일할 수밖에 없는 이유"가 강한 사람을 찾고 있었는데 그런 의미에서 그는 딱 맞는 사람이었다. 얼마간 불안은 있었지만 내 사람 보는 눈을 믿고 파트타이머인 창고 작업원으로 채용하고 이틀후부터 일하기로 했다. 출근 당일 정말로 출근할지 어떨지 왠지 나까지 두근두근하면서 회사에 가보자 거의 샤우팅에 가까운 레벨로 사원 한사람 한사람에게 인사를 하며 돌아다니고 있었다. 그날부터 그는 10년 경력의 히키코모리라고는 생각되지 않을 정도의 활약을 보여주었다. 창고안을 종횡무진 달리면서 어떤 일이든 열심히 임하는 자세에 회사내의 평가도 아주 높았다. 처음 월급을 받는 날에 그는 내게 일부러 찾아와서 감사인사를 하며 가족을 데리고 식사를 하러 갈거라며 기쁜듯이 말했다. 그로부터 몇개월이 지났을 때 그가 내게 매우 긴장된 표정을 짓고 찾아왔다. 지금까지의 경험으로 봤을 때 내게 그런 표정을 짓고 오는 직원은 거의 100% 사직서를 가지고 왔다. 이봐, 모처럼 그렇게까지 열심히 했는데...라고 생각하면서 회의실로 데려가 이야기를 들어보니 불안해하면서도 그는 "매일 충실한 직장생활을 하니까 너무 즐겁다. 앞으로도 더 열심히 하고싶다. 그러니까 정직원으로 채용해주면 좋겠다" 는 내용의 상담을 했다. 나는 너무 기쁜나머지 울어버릴 정도였다! 그 자리에서 고용계약서를 작성하고 정직원으로 등용을 결정했다. 그후 정직원이 된 그는 점점 더 활기차게 일하게되어 창고에 관한 일이라면 그에게 물어라는 말을 들을 정도가 되었다. 그런 어느날 회사에 어떤 여성분의 전화가 걸려왔다. 전직 히키코모리인 그 직원에 대해 할 말이 있으니까 내게 직접 이야기를 하고싶다고 했다. 전화를 건 사람은 그의 어머님이었다. 그가 우리 회사에서 일하게 된 뒤부터 집안에서도 다른 사람처럼 바뀌었다. 그렇게 기쁠 수가 없다. 라고 울면서 감사인사를 하는 것이었다. 나는 딱히 대단한 일을 한 것도 아닌데 나까지 기뻐서 울었다. 사람을 고용한다는 건 이런 거구나...라고 배우게 된 일이었다.  출처 멋지다.. 알아봐준 고용주도 대단하고 본인도 대단하네요