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Ever wonder if you're ready for a long distance relationship? Find out if you two have what it takes to make it work.
1. Please answer all questions honestly.
2. Add up the points next to your answer (in the parenthesis)
3. Scroll down to find out what your score means!

1. How do you communicate?

A. We only talk in person. (1) B. Mostly texting. (2) C. We prefer phone calls. (3) D. Any ways possible - text, phone, Skype, face-to-face. (4)

2. Do you guys get jealous of one another?

A. We can both get jelly for no reason. (2) B. On occasion, but can you blame me? (3) C. Who has time for that? I'm living my own life! (4) D. Ladies better watch out and step up off my man! (1)

3. How do you like to spend your alone time?

A. What alone time? I'm always with my boyfriend. (1) B. I love to start a new project: anything productive! (4) C. I like seeing friends and interacting with new people. (3) D. I like binge watching my favorite shows, but it's better when my boyfriend's around. (2)

4. How tech-obsessed are you?

A. If I could have my phone surgically implanted in my body I would totally do it. (4) B. I try to keep my tech time to a minimum - in real life (IRL) is so much better. (2) C. My friend says I'm a little hard to get a hold of. (1) D. I'm social media obsessed and I sleep with my phone under my pillow. (3)

5. What's your schedule like?

A. I'm constantly booked. (1) B. Classes and my sorority keep me pretty swamped, but I can still let loose. (2) C. Free as a bird! (4) D. I determine my own schedule. I like to keep busy, but I make time for the important things. (3)

6. Honesty is...?

A. Subjective. (1) B. Important, but not necessary. (2) C. Typically the right route to go. (3) D. The best policy. (4)

7. Your boyfriend doesn't contact you for days. You...

A. Get upset, but let it go. (3) B. Tell him you were worried and ask him to give you a heads up if he's busy in the future. (4) C. Freak out. Seriously, who does he think he is? (1) D. Keep it to yourself. (2)

8. Have you define your relationship?

A. At length. No two people have ever been more in sync. (3) B. Eh, not intensely, but we understand each other. (2) C. Yes, we're exclusive and committed. (4) D. Not really. We don't like labels. (1)

9. How do you feel about travel?

A. Ugh! But I just got here. (1) B. As long as I can afford it. (2) C. If I have to, I'll do it. (3) D. I love to visit new places! (4)

I really believe in long distance relationship as it makes u to be truthful n loyal to yourself n your distance partner.
I've done the long distance thing from east to west coast and all over the east coast and they actually worked out better than people locally! Men locally didn't want to drive even 30 minutes! I was shocked by their laziness and knew that was a lost relationship! I believe any relationship can work if the people are committed, trust each other, are honest with each other, communicate regularly and love each other. Love makes life exciting! And when it is meant to be it will be wherever it is!
yeahh i got 31 pts... and in kind happy with my relationship
One of my friends just moved to England to marry his long-term long distance girlfriend!
to be frank, I am not dating for now, not that I have not dated before
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