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Seriously what genres an artist do you guys n gals use to hype yourself up before a big sesh? For me its normally some good hip hop artists like Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown if Im hypin to do trick/slide seshs. If its bombing I do some rock artist like Bush an Smashing Ps.
Lindsay Stirling, twenty one pilots, panic at the disco, linkin park, fall out boy, Greek Fire, and etc.
Depends on my mood. Anywhere from a day to remember to Lindsey stirling to skrillex to Eminem.
For me it's anything post hardcore and rock/alternative. Secondhand serenade, panic at the disco, mayday parade, my chemical romance, of mice and men, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, all time low, escape the fate, green day, linkin park, etc.. The list could go on and on! Depends on the mood really. Anything that gets me going! (:
Beastie Boys is great I just eventually get sad cause MC A and Ill never see them live but it works great for a bit. An I enjoy the hell outta indie but not for skate.
depends on my mood, post hardcore stuff like of mice & men, dubstep, glitch, sometimes some good reggae, rap, BEASTIE BOYS! lol idk really depends on my mood
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