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A suspect in a stolen car led police on a 30 minute long high-speed chase through Downtown Los Angeles yesterday.
This suspect's driving was out of control. He collided with at least 4 other vehicles, swerved between cars, and drove a significant distances on the wrong side of the road into on coming traffic. He was driving SO erratically and dangerously that police distanced themselves in the hopes that he would slow down and act less recklessly. (spoiler: it didn't work)
After destroying his first car, the suspect jumps out of the wrecked car and draws a gun. He steals a car at gun point from a 22 year old girl, this is the definition of grand theft auto! Of course this girl realized the car was not worth her life and immediately gave the suspect the car.
This guy continues on and on until he finally gets pinned between two cars (for the second time) and tries to nab a second vehicle. He failed at this attempt, but he was still holding the weapon and police open fired. The suspect is alive, but no further information has been release about his condition.
He must have more to lose than being arrested for stealing a car. He wouldn't be pulling guns on people trying to get away like this
Unbelievable. Did this guy really think he could out run multiple helicopters? Why didn't he just get under cover, ditch the car and hide somewhere clever?
This guy is crazy. That went on way longer then I thought it would
wow... it's really GTA...