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The art of dance is for the ambitious and competitive. Classical ballet schools like the Royal Academy, rely on this fact as part of their teaching method. They deliberately cause tension between the students, never allowing them to feel comfortable about their status in the class. It is plain and simple divide and concur. An approach based on viewing the dancer as a tool at the disposal of the choreographer. Dancers must be disciplined and obedience, so that they can follow instructions strictly. In the mid 1950's, when it seemed like doubting the status quo was the new status quo, It bothered her often, that other forms of performing art, have long abandoned the tool-at-disposal approach. Dancing, on the other hand, is the hardest art of them all, the most physically demanding and the most intolerant to mistakes. You can't fix the bad impression of a clumsy movement. You can't undo a fall on stage. She have read about this dancing company from America, who seemed to have new answers to her artistic dilemmas, so when the Martha Graham dance company arrived to London, she went to see them. She couldn't imagine how Martha's life will soon be so entangled with hers. She was amazed by what she saw. There was some kind of livelihood in the performance of the dancers, that she haven't seen before. It was not that it seemed like they enjoyed the dancing itself more than she would, but rather that the interaction between the dancers was so strain free and flowing. It looked like they were good friends, having fun together. It was then that she realized what was so straining about the old methods. Why it was so hard to choreograph dances that require cooperation between several dancers. She thought that maybe she knew what to do about it. Maybe not exactly like Martha Graham, maybe something closer to classical ballet, but still... She knew that she had to become a teacher.
@hikaymm, I am not a dancer, but I am an extremely curious person... and you will have to wait to the end of the story, for a better answer about my relation to it :-)
@orenshani7 Happy to keep reading to find out :)
I don't know if you've danced, or if you've just been curious about the world of dance, but you really managed to bring across emotions and feelings that I remember from my teachers over the years @orenshani7
This is nice exposition that also provides some plot development; it's interesting to read about the development of an art that I already know so little about.