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Lloyd DeGrane, a Chicago based photographer, is fascinated in the ordinary, every day, "normal life", such as the tedious or boring activities of sewing, watching tv, reading a newspaper, and making dinner.
However, for some reason Lloyd's photographs aren't boring. Somehow he manages to create incredibly interesting works out of such boring settings. You can think of these almost like "domestic dioramas" if you will, allowing us the viewer to peer into the lives of a living in the twenty-first century.
Here is what Lloyd writes about his work Domestic Issues:
"I came to realize that documenting people sharing a similar daily experience provides a way of showing evidence of contemporary culture and growing cultural trends."
"I began documenting how people chose to eat, and then how they watch TV, and vacuum, and wash dishes , and clean their bathrooms , and look into their refrigerators, and hold remote control devices, and more always so much more. I realized that the seemingly unique way people do something in their personal space says a great deal about what’s going on with the rest of us. My photos are limited to the place that people live; the place they call home."
"This documentation of ordinary life, at home, seems increasingly precious to me, in an age in which human contact is scaling back to text messages and electronic invitation."
@dillonk Yes, I do a lot! All the images are so different and unique in their own right it really is a joy to view each!
@hunahuna I'm glad you liked it!
So incredibly intriguing. I haven't heard of this photographer before but I will definitely be following his work in the future. Diorama is the perfect descriptor!