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Control, to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command. Julissa has no control over herself anymore. Edna has made sure of that. Edna knows the girl weakness and has a way to make her believe everything she says. She is the girl in her mind and she has grown very comfortable staying in there. Julissa use to be able to block her out and sometimes she can. But other times she is not sure she wants to. Edna can be annoying but sometimes it feels like she is the only one focused enough of what julissa needs. Julissa needs to be thin. That’s the goal. Thin and pretty, everything that she feels that she is not. She had the control of doing what she needed to be done to accomplish that. But now Edna is here. She is here to help, which she was fine with, until she took the control that Julissa tried so hard to get.
@lissamia4 , I hope it is not impolite of me to ask, but are you describing your own experiences in what you write here?
@orenshani7 @lissamia4 I was wondering as well; the emotion is described so vividly that it feels very personal
Control is a tricky matter, especially because we often don't realize when we do, or don't have it. Or when we do or don't want it. You expressed that well!