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Deep Down is a new title by Capcom that has been first teased over two years ago. Finally, we are getting closer to its release and Capcom recently announced that it would be a free-to-play game.
Exactly how the publisher intends to monetize the adventure is unclear, but it’s safe to assume that you’ll be able to purchase new weapons, clothing, and items via microtransactions. A beta for the game is set to arrive around the same time as the PS4’s launch in Japan on 22nd February. There’s actually been very little word on a Western release, but considering the escapade currently includes English dialogue, we’re going to assume that a firm announcement will be made in the near future.
Capcom’s Kazunori Sugiura says they plan on hedging their bets on it for roughly 15 years:
"Deep Down is a game we’re going to be hedging our bets on for, give or take, 15 years, so we can’t put it out at its current visual level and say those graphics will be top-notch. It’s an extreme case, but this game takes five or six times the amount of productivity as Monster Hunter Frontier G."
@MattK95 Pay to win is a disease in the F2P model. Free to play can work though, as long as it's such an unnecessary grind to be able to play the game effectively. Take TeamFortress 2 as a good example of a relatively successful and long lasting f2p game
@MattK95 I too am on the side of hating microtransactions, but they seem to be putting a lot of effort into this game.
@TeamWaffles my favourite f2p game unfortunately isn't a console game, I hope it will be someday though, AION is the best MMORPG I've come across, I have never had to spend a cent on it, and I haven't been handicapped for it at all :)
@TeamWaffles I'll most likely still get the game, but I seriously hope they don't force you to spend money to get further in this, that I can't stand
This game looks fantastic. I've been looking forward to it since they first announced it at E3!
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