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I had to take a picture of this.
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lol yes good point @inarsa just at the time you're playing it!
@fallingwater @inarsa i always play kirby on supersmash.! he's fast, floats, sucks people up ta use their power against him.! best tactical choice...yoshi is my boy on Mario kart... no tactic reasons there tho =P
ooo @Fembott ! Lucas be my player of choice for Super Smash Bros. #LucasGang #TeamLucas xD hahaha I always, well when they're available, pick Baby Mario and Baby Luigi for Mario Kart. They're seriously the best for me.
@inarsa oh yeah, them babies are fast.! lol but you know you only like lucas cus he's hot xD love changing their hair color too
@Fembott hahaha you already know! jk. He's my #1 dude in that game, there's no other xD . simple as that. Ya, I change his hair color every round!