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You can practically dress up or down with this hairstyle. In addition, it makes a romantic Valentine's day updo. What you need - hair brush, 2 hair ties, bobby pins, and hairspray.
Make sure you hair is smooth and combed. Then curl the ends in 4 to 6 large sections and side part your hair. Draw a diagonal line with your fingers from by the back of your side part around the back to the top of your opposite ear and tie the hair up for later. Then begin braiding the bottom section.
You will have to follow the rule of french braiding, except you're only taking hair from the bottom to add into the section, you're not adding it from the top as well. Once your braid has reached the opposite side of your head. Tie it off with a ponytail, and tug on the braid a bit to loosen it up and give it more body. Release the hair you tied up on top of your head, and tie it into a messy bun.
grab all the hair into your fist and wrap the hair-tie around the ball to secure it, pinning down the edges with bobby pins for hold. Wrap the ponytail around your bun and pin the ends well. Tug your hair out a bit from the bun to again create more fullness and volume, pin down any more fly away's you don't want too crazy, and spray for hold.
That's it!
Actually, this would be a nice prom hairstyle!
i wondered if i was too old for this. Im in my mid 20s
would be beautiful on my niece or sister
Oh I will. :)
Going to try it for valentine's day.
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