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Rated 16/20 by Gayot, this 2012 "Black Bee" Old Vine Reserve Zinfandel sells for $75. Velvety and buoyancy, this Howell Mountain region grape wine is bursting with sticky black fruits with notes of cracked black pepper and sturdy tannins.
Tip: If you find yourself staring at the wine menu and get lost with the Zinfandels, stick to vintage years that are even. It's a broad and silly tip, but you'll get better odds finding a stellar wine this way than winning at a Roulette table in Monte Carlo.
The best Zinfandel deserves to be enjoyed in your Oscar de la Renta best. Nix the black tie-back heels for something nude and strappy. This ready to wear dress comes from his 2015 Spring season.
Leaf Embroidered Cage Cocktail Dress

Style# 8E617

Look what I found at There's something sinful about pairing a four-digit cocktail dress with two-digit heels. Love that!
Wild Diva Lounge Cecily T-Strap
Style# 08A
When you're wearing such a delicate lace and feminine dress as pictured above, you need to balance that with a strong, masculine piece of jewelry. Don't go overboard. You don't want to look like a drag queen.
Swarovski Silver Tone - Jet Faceted Nirvana Ring
@NixonWoman I'll admire it from afar.
@stargaze In that case, you can admire the $46,000,000 Pink Diamond Ring that I am writing about here
Oh but you must my dear! @stargaze I don't suppose you'll find much success at the likes of Ross or Marshall's...
The dress is gorgeous, but I'm never spending $6,290 on it.