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We all use ice cubes to soothe pain and chill a drink, but have you heard of ice cube for facial? It's actually a popular morning and evening ritual for better looking skin. Icing the skin is believed to refresh the face, prevent wrinkles, fight acne and heal blemishes, and promote blood circulation. I only started incorporating the ice cube facial in my morning routine and I love it! If you are considering to include this method to your beauty routine, here's a list of ways to use it.
1. Slim your face
If your face feels bloated in the morning, massaging your face with ice cube can diminish the appearance of swelling!
2. Wake up your eyes
Ever feel tired during the middle of the day? Take some ice cubes and it place on your eyes to get a soothing effect.
3. Reduce appearances of pores
You know the concept of splashing cold water after cleansing to close the pore? Instead of splashing you face (and waste water), you can use an ice cube and gently rub it on your face to tighten your pores. It actually has worked better for me than a few of the pore eraser creams I’ve tried.
4. Reduce pimple redness
If you have an inflamed pimple simply take an ice cube and place it over the affected area. This method can help relief and reduce swelling and redness.
5. Makeup primer
Before applying makeup, rub some ice cubes over your face. This smooth your skin and allow the makeup to last longer.
Have you tried any of these method? Let me know how it goes!
Okay this may sound weird coming from a guy, but I do use ice cubes on my face, mostly in the morning as it really does help relieve the tired feeling in my eyes, although I don't just use normal ice cubes, I freeze pure organic green tea and use that, because the green tea is really good for your skin :)
I got cold jut thinking about it but this all makes sense - worth a shot!
i discovered ice cubes used on the face helps with tightening pores like 3weeks ago. i tried it and it really works. It's like a gradual thing. as you use it all the time after face wash or cleansing. you can tell there's an improvement. just so you guys know ice cube really does the magic.
omg ive been doing this for a week now and my face feels and looks a lot better!! ^^im totally going to keep doing this every morning!
I am def going to try this.
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