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Kim Ji Hoon to return to dramas
With the upcoming TvN production Flower Boy Next door along with Park Shin Hye schedule to release in January
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yeah, i just read that from my fb wall...well, there are second leads that we're really memorable like jung il woo from TMTETS, yoo ah in from SKKS, lee jun ki from my girl, jung yonghwa from your beautiful, ki jang woo from man of honor, jae joong from protect the boss and dr. jin, kimj song soo from full house and bad love, lee jung jin from love story in harvard, park ki woong in gaksital,kim hyun joong in BOF, lee dong gun in lovers in paris, yoon kye sang in greatest love, no min woo in MGIAG, kim jeong hoon in goong, kim ji seok in personal taste and i love romance 2, and many more...lol
woah that was an exhaustive list!!! i wouldnt consider no min woo the secondary guy in MGIAG because he wasn't really a romantic interest of the heroine...more like side character. Yoo Ah was great in SKKS but Song JOOng Ki was even better ^^ jung il woo from what?? what is TMTETS?
the moon that embraces the sun... stars kim so hyun and han ga in... well i have a disease, it's called second lead syndrome...no min woo kinda is the second lead wasn't just given enough screen time on it... and they were connected in their before life..^^ yeah, song joongki was definitely at his best on SKKS but i loved yoo ah in there... the two of them got got a couple award for their performance in SKKS..lol
@nylamrehs oh sorry for missing your comments (it was 20 days ago?? someone stop time!) yeah i heard that the two of them got an award for that...awkward...lol...wait wait, No Min Woo was second lead in TMTETS?
hahahha... 20 days,.. doesn't matter...^^ anyways, yoo ah in and song joong ki kinda looked cute when they received the award...lol... no it wasn't no min woo but jung il woo in TMTETS... =)