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Skating with the today, and going down a hill. Right? And then a cop comes around the corner, and swerves into my lane with his lights on. Apparently skating on roads are illegal in Medford. We both got tickets for some b.s. Improper position on highway. it was in a neighborhood, we were in our lanes, and he was in my lane. He messed with traffic more than we were. What do you guys think? Pay the "fine" or die fightin? any advice for fighting in court would be great. We have a coupld arguments on it now, but him being in the road won't be % 100 sure. Its just not right, and making me depressed.
I looked up the law for you (http://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/814.070) § 814.070¹ Improper position upon or improperly proceeding along highway. This law applies to pedestrians, and basically states that pedestrians need to use the sidewalk or shoulder when available, or the far right of the road if not. A quote from Medford police Sgt. Jerry Burchfiel, "If there isn't a lot of traffic and they aren't hindering vehicles, it's not a problem." I say fight it. Technically longboarders are considered pedestrians by the letter of the law, BUT you weren't hindering traffic and from the looks of the picture there was no usable shoulder/sidewalk. Fight it with these points and that picture and you should be fine, don't worry about him blocking traffic (it doesn't help you) just say that you weren't hindering traffic and quote the Sgt. of Medford.
@mikerosa92 he also told us that there doesn't even have to be a car behind us for him to write us the ticket. and even if there was a sidewalk, he would probably write us up for endangering pedestrians.. Thanks for the help and info man. I will remember those ones
I mean really there isn't a single car on that road. The cop is being a douche
"make them waste thousands on chasing hundreds" fight the ticket or ask for a reprimand because you thought skating is more like a bike than a pedestrian. that improper position law seems it's for streets with a divider and heavily driven on. show the picture of the cop parked in the middle of the road and say who is the one putting others in danger? if a cop parked like that and is complaining that you aren't being safe I think he needs to take a step back and look at what he is doing
@mikerosa92 that's odd where I'm located we are considered bicyclists according to the law. But I agree that you should try and fight it.
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