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I consider myself a pretty easy person to buy gifts for, and while I don't expect anything from anyone on Valentine's Day (a card is all I need!) here is a list of things I really want this year. So forget the dozen roses and read on:
1. Those super cute pink sneaks I've had my eye on since Christmas
2. This pink smoothie.
3. Some really cute sports bras, because a girl can never have enough!
4. For chocolate to contain zero calories...a girl can dream
5. A dog to do yoga with!
6. A Jawbone fitness tracker!
7. A Saturday morning running partner!

What do you guys want this Heart's Day?

@Nisfit Too true!!
*cute yoga mat, cute dog, cute yoga instructor.
Who DOESN'T want a puppy to do yoga with :)
A thousand yes's to the sports bras and the corgi!
Luckily I think that pink smoothie is going to be pretty easy to make :)
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