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This winter I almost ended up chopping my long hair. Then I came across this braided hairstyle and it prevented from getting it cut (though, I did get the ends trimmed). I'm actually glad my hair is still long because there's so many spring and summer hairstyle I'm looking forward to try out.
If you have long, thick hair this runway-inspired messy braid is my current favorite hairdo. Even if you don't have thick hair, you can use dry shampoo or texturizing spray to give your braid some volume to work with. In addition, it can keep your braid from falling apart.
Learn how to achieve this look from the video below!
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I like some of the versions of this but other messier ones sort of just look...messy?
3 years ago·Reply
Not a fan of messy hair style, but for me, this one seems more natural than messy.
3 years ago·Reply
Actually, I really dig the messy braid style.
3 years ago·Reply
At first I thought it was messy, but it grew on me!
3 years ago·Reply
this is so amazing must try
2 years ago·Reply