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this is amazing

I haven't been on in ages and I came back just to flip out about Paris co coming out with PURPLE AND YELLOW TRUCKS. If anyone gets these, I envy you with all of my heart. Sincerely, A devoted truck whore. (; Off topic/kind of? It's been how long of me being in this community and every time I search the Longboarding community, Jackie chan STILL shows up. It's completely irrelevant to Longboarding which really confuses me. Anyway. See y'all when it's warmer out!
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@drlizardo right?!@mpoblete hey hey hey! (: @AlainCasimiro mikerosa92 I get a kick out of how vingle updates everything else BUT that.. :/ @ThtYoungElwoodJ right?? I wish they would have introduced them sooner when I got my mystery box so I could put those on my new board!
@EmilySalzsieder I know right. How hard is it to make it to where we can edit comments.
@AlainCasimiro hopefully!! I am too, I really like it.
@RichardSchafer @EmilySalzsieder Vingle should consider the "editing" in the next update right? haha the new update now is quite good still getting used to it.
@mikerosa92 * aaaand I also don't get why it hasn't crossed vingle's mind to allow you to edit comments.. grr..
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