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Not only does she sings well but her signature half up and down hairstyle is swoon worthy. If you have medium length hair, you can manipulate extension to achieve this look. Scroll down for a step by step presentation and instruction.
Insert a short part on the left side, and brush your bangs down and around behind the ear.
Pull half of your hair into a ponytail that sits just beneath your crown, slightly over to the left. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the base to hide the elastic. Tease the roots of the hair that's left hanging down. Sling most of your strands over your left shoulder.
@alise It kind of does maybe because of her baby face.
It still reminds me of a cheerleader hairstyle, but it's cute on her.
Is that her hair from "Problem" MV?
This makes her hair look so much fuller than it looks down. I need to grow my hair out more!