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tips to avoid Pigs (cops) and enjoy your sesh for longer

hello i've been sort of a fly on the wall in this community posting helpful tips when i can and trying to help out my fellow brothers and sisters of the boards of long to start off i would like to say that i am not a professional heck i cant do half the things i enjoy watching on youtube but i do know a thing or two about being cordual now what that means exactly is i know how to respect others and care about the well being of all of you so please take some advice if not all of which i am about to share with you well the purpose of this card is to give you some pointers on how to ultimately get the most from your boarding experience tip#1 smile and wave its as simple as that smile and wave to almost everyone that you see did you know that the #1 thing people who failed to commit suicide says "if anyone would've said hello to me or aknowledged me in anyway i wouldnt have done it" so even if you smile and wave to everyone you may even have saved a life wether i am boarding or not i still smile and wave because of this exact reason even if the person is a dick to you smile and wave it makes you the bigger person and makes you look like you areent up to anything bad tip 2 if a car is behind you move to the middle of the road (if it is safe to do so) and wave your arm to signal the driver to go ahead and move forward and move to the correct side again to continue boarding this has made me so many random people idk respect me so much they wave and even say thank you to me while im just doing me going fast as tits down a hill and theres not a better feeling than that this tip is very crucial to wether you spend 5 minutes bombing a hill or hours on he same hill tip 3 and the most important please wear a helmet and slide gloves even if you cannot slide using your gloves (like me) its still a great way to catch yourself if you fall (i dont wear a helmet i know sorry im being such a hypocrit) but i am not doimg anything too extream when i do wanna raise my skill level i know a helmet will be mandatory please take my advice if not all atleast 1 i have never been in a situation with the cops heck i've even done tip 1&2 to a police officer and they never gave me a hard time REMEMBER YOU GET MORE WITH SUGAR THAN YOU DO WITH SALT GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY BOARDING
I know not wearing a helmet is the best feeling been there and I will go there again... But come on I have been knocked clean the fuck out 3 times WITH A HELMET ON and 2 times without the last time without a lid I puked alot for about 30+ hrs still don't remember what happened it took me a solid 2 weeks before I even started to feel anywhere close to normal. Get a lid kids customize the shit out of it with some paint and stickers grab a marker and make it yours NOBODY LIKES A VEGETABLE... Damn I feel like the old man bitchin but your right about being respectful to the cars/drivers cause it's their road.. Smile and wave boys, smile and wave
I think you mean for #2 is move to the side of the road. But other than that these are all good points. My own tip (and I can't stress this enough) be nice and don't argue (unless you know your shit, but still don't argue just state your point). If you are respectful and not bugging other people you should be fine. Most of the time you run into trouble with police because you pissed someone off and they called, so don't be an asshat
Use an app called Waze. It let's you know where police are. Look it up in detail. Lots of advantages to it. Happy skating.
Also know the law. If it's legal to be in the street and they say it's illegal just quote what it actually says or bring it up on the phone or screen shot it.
Although it's community fueled. So if there aren't a lot of drivers using it, or not a lot of cars period, you might be staring at your icon and one other on the map, like, WHAT? In that case, maybe a hand held scanner radio. Sure there are apps, but the waves are right there , and it's easier to change frequencies wharn they do.
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