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Beyonce just launched a new organic, non-GMO, dairy, gluten, and soy free food delivery service called 22 Days Nutrition.
This service is based off of the idea that it takes 21 days to develop a habit and then on the 22nd day you will be making that habit your new lifestyle!

So is going Vegan actually good for you?

The short answer? Yes.
The long answer: Only if you do it correctly.
You can be a vegan that only eats cookies and carbs and junk (Oreos and Sour Patch Kids are vegan too!) You need to focus on getting the right nutrients from the right foods at the right time. Think about proteins, calcium, and iron - do you know how you get these with your current diet? Now think about how you would get that in a vegan form. Not easy for beginners!
This delivery service actually sounds like it could be a great foot in the door of veganism so if anyone is really curious (and the plan is affordable) I would encourage you to try it! You'll be surprised how much you can eat :)
Well, I'm just glad that she's promoting a healthy lifestyle rather than her past liquid diets :)
I would only do this if I was guaranteed a Beyonce body. If not, I am capable of eating healthy without paying for a deliver service :)
@peppermintt and @flymetothemoon said exactly what I was going to say! It's all about learning to eat well not buying into a quick-fix program.
I was definitely the vegetarian that at pasta and potatoes all day until I realized how bad it was for my body. If this helps people learn what you should eat on a vegan diet than I totally support it, but if people are just going to eat without thinking I think its a waste of money.
The problem I have with systems like these is that once the allotted time is up, it is up to the individual to keep up the healthy eating habits. So many people spend money on food deliver systems like Jenny20 and just fall back off the track :/