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After making a few playlists for my Love Bird's Songbook collection, I realized that I didn't really know what all the members of this community are into. I'd love it if you guys could create mini-playlists here so that we can all share our music tastes :)

1. Younger Years

I was one of those girls who was sucked into the world of 90s-00s pop groups and never wanted to come out. I was butterfly clips and pastels all the way through to middle school and I don't regret a second of it.

2. Finding R&B

Somewhere along the road (probably thanks to a heavy dose of Destiny's Child) I found myself drawn into the world of R&B. This is still my go-to music, what calms me down and makes me sing along.

3. Going Old School

Because of my love of R&B I found myself digging for more, and where could I find that? The golden oldies! I became obsessed with the soulful sounds of the 60s and 70s and still consider these to be the best R&B songs in history.

4. Singing Along

Ever since getting into R&B and soul, I started to only listen to music that I loved to sing along with - and what is better to sing along with than musicals? Seriously, I had the Wicked soundtrack in my car for years.

5. Here and Now

I am still into soulful music that I can sing along to, so the next three songs are on my current car playlist :) This is basically me!
Sure I will be happy to! Don't be surprised with some Donny Osmond and old Michael Jackson! Hahaha! Actually, I love a mix from the 80's to today's gansta rap and hip hop! I will work on this by the end of next week! I want to put some real thought into it! Thanks for including me! @galinda @danidee @caricakes @allyphernelia @elizabethserna @arianaventi
That Spice Girls song brought me back, wow!
Let's do this! :)
BAHAHA ALL OF THE SONGS I CAN THINK OF ARE SO EMBARRASSING. I'm so excited to do this. Also I definitely had a soul phase. I put Sam Cooke on everyone's mixtapes haha.
This is a great idea! I'll have to put some thought into this but I'll definitely put one together too :) PS I love all of your song choices! I love R&B too (my mom pretty much raised me on Motown) so feel like we must like a lot of the same artists!
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