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1. Jay Park- Star
2. Taeyang- Love You To Death
3. Se7en- Drips
4. Mad Clown ft. Jinsil- Fire
5. Kim Sung Gyu- 41 Days
6. Miss A- I Don't Need A Man
7. Amber- Beautiful
Damn, so good!
8. G.NA ft. Swings- Banana
9. Lee Hi- One Sided Love
Man I wish I could sing like her .-.
*10. Just a cute video of Lee Hi & TOP lol
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@jiggzy19 I love how you tagged yourself lmao
@aabxo OMG I didn't even notice!! That was completely accidental!!!! Should I delete my comment? :/
Lmao of course not it's funny (: @jiggzy19
@aabxo yes I totally need to buy her album too, I can't believe I don't have it yet :/
@aabxo oh ok lol xD