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Taurus are strong and dependable, and in relationships, they also seek security and stability! They tend to prefer committed relationships over casual ones, and aren't likely to cheat or to accept cheaters. They are looking to build a life with someone they love and cherish, and they'll be totally committed to you along the way!

Taurus likes kissing a lot. Deep inside, they really only want romance and lots of cuddle time!

Taurus are fiercely loyal friends, and equally (if not more) loyal in love! They'll do something crazy to protect their loved ones.

Time for hugs? *really casual about it*

Taurus relationship style: very serious and traditional, they will take you out on a lot of dates, and will fight to maintain a good relationship. Taurus will make you feel secure and comfortable in your relationship.

The longer Taurus knows a person and feels comfortable around them the more they are willing to open up and show more of themselves.

When they get jealous, are single for too long, or feeling loney....they know who to rely on! (aka food!)

After breaking up with someone, Taurus cares about themselves too much to let it bother them for long and finds peace with it in less time than many other signs!

As long as you have permission to eat a lot, you'll make Taurus happy!
I'm not a Taurus, but I've dated a few, and I know that these are true! lol especially the "dependable" part~!