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I got this for my 16 bday when I turned 17 :D it was worth the wait and i had to be sure.
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That sounds really cool! Did your parents take you to get it or where you able to get it before turning 18? I remember how much I wanted a tattoo when I was 17 :)
I actually got it at 17. My dad asked me the year before what i really wanted for my bday, and i told him a tattoo. However, i didnt want it to be something i would regret or erase later so it took me a year to do some soul searching to get it. I am still thankful for that, because i wouldnt gave gotten one otherwise. I feel still the same pride in this definition of a pivotal time that directly reflected my heart. @galinda
@MarySEW I love the meaning and the thought you put into it. Really cool!
Thanks @galinda
Thanks @caricakes!!!!