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If you do any freezer bag cooking, or any rehydrating of food in cold weather, this cozy can seriously do wonders for you. This it particularly helpful in the early spring, autumn, and in the wintertime when colder weather will quickly cool hot water in an uninsulated Ziploc bag.

Things needed:

- foil bubble insulation - role of reflective foil tape

Part 1: Cutting the Foil Bubble

- Cut two pieces of the foil bubble insulation with the same width.
- You can do this with household scissors.
- Cut one of the pieces about 4 inches shorter.
- You want the foil bubble insulation piece to be slightly wider than the freezer bag since you’re going to tape them together to form a pocket-like envelope.
- Use the Ziploc as a guide.

Part 2: Tape it up!

- Stack the shorter piece on the longer, and cut three lengths of tape to join the sides & bottom together.
- Apply the reflective tape to form an insulating envelope and cut off any excess around the edges.

Part 3: Finishing the Cozy!

- Fold the longer piece over the shorter piece.
- Finished!
- You can add some velcro tape if you want to.
Final product weighs 1.7oz.
@TrevorGoldley Check a local craft store or home improvement store! @fallingwater Yes. Seriously yes!! I compared with a friend who didn't use one. @happyrock ha, I just found it and tried it out, too!
This is genius. So. genius. How did I not think of this? You're a genius @yakwithalan
Do these really help that much?
Where can I find foil bubble? :/ @yakwithalan
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