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Kalo Tas Hermes Jadi Binatang..

Hahahhaa.. Kreatif banget deh yang bikin!! (dan koleksinya pasti lengkap banget yaa.. jadi iriiiii..) Dari tas Hermes yang mahal2 itu,, disusun jadi binatang imut2 hahahahah.. Mbak mbak, kalo tasnya bingung mau diapain, mending buat saya aja yaa~~ lolol
ini deh hasil orang2 kebanyakan duit yang iseng hahah
mau hermesnya 1 donnnggg
ohhh ini lucuuu!!
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Healthy Meal Prep Ideas That Fit in Your Stylish Lunch Bag Purse
A lunch bag purse can be a game-changer for the modern woman. Marrying convenience with style, this fashionable utility accessory allows you to pack your midday meals with flair without the need for carrying multiple handbags and a laptop bag to the office. Let's explore some scrumptious, healthy meal prep ideas that not only fuel your body but also fit perfectly into your stylish lunch bag purse. 1. Bento-style Boxes Channeling the elegant simplicity of Japanese cuisine, consider a bento-style box for a balanced, nutritious meal. Pair steamed brown rice with grilled salmon and a rainbow of colorful veggies. The compartments in bento boxes maintain the integrity of your food while fitting perfectly in your lunch bag purse. Plus, they're usually dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. 2. Mason Jar Salads Mason jar salads are a great way to prep a week's worth of meals, while their vertical nature makes them an ideal fit for your purse. Layer the ingredients with the dressing at the bottom, heartier ingredients like chickpeas or quinoa in the middle, and lettuce at the top to keep everything fresh. When you're ready to eat, just shake it up. 3. Quinoa Salad Quinoa is a versatile and nutritious base that can be paired with a variety of ingredients. Make a big batch of quinoa and portion it out into containers for the week. Then, add roasted veggies, beans, lean proteins, and a flavorful dressing. 4. Wrap it Up Wraps are compact, yet they can pack a ton of flavor and nutrition. Choose a whole grain or spinach wrap, and fill it with lean protein like turkey or chicken, along with a handful of fresh vegetables. Roll it tightly, then wrap it in foil for an easy, on-the-go lunch. 5. Vibrant Veggie Pasta Whole grain or veggie-infused pasta, like spinach or beet, is delicious and full of fiber. Combine them with an array of veggies, a lean protein, and a light dressing or sauce. Portion your pasta salad into a compact container that fits snugly into your purse. 6. Smoothie Bowls Pre-make your smoothie base and freeze it in silicone muffin molds. Each morning, pop a few out and place them in a sealable container with a little granola or muesli and some fresh fruit. By lunchtime, your smoothie will be defrosted and ready to enjoy. Are you going to try the Recipe Ideas? In the end, your lunch bag purse is more than just a stylish accessory. It's an integral part of your daily routine, helping you maintain your health and save money by bringing your own delicious, homemade meals to work. Embrace this functional fashion staple and enjoy the array of meal possibilities that fit perfectly inside.
Unusual Things You Should Carry In Your Purse
We all have the usual things floating around in our bags. Tissues, wallet, glasses, phone chargers, the stray pills that probably get rid of head aches but who cares, gum. Heres a list of a few more unusual things you should pack away because they can always come in handy someday. A flash light Not the typical purse item but will come in very handy in extreme situations or in simple situations when you drop your phone under the seat at nighttime and don't have anyone in your car to call in for you. Tampons There is no worse feeling then getting your period and not having a tampon. Honestly life just feels a bit hopeless at times like that. Honestly this isn't really unusual but more of a necessity. Cork screw Open wine whenever and wherever you need! The situation of having a nice bottle of wine and no way to open it comes up a lot more often then you would think. Also you can get a cork screw that also has a bottle opener. Some of them even have a knife which could also come in handy, although it is a little small. Pen and paper I know that sounds so stupid since everyone has an iPhone now and I may be alone in the thought that phones can not be trusted but having a little notebook and pen is always good. You can use it for anything. A book! Face it, unless were going out, in which case we would have a clutch, we all pretty much have huge bags. A soft cover book can easily fit. The hard cover book to war and peace maybe not the greatest idea. Flip flops. Especially if you are a working girl its always nice to be able to take off the heels or cute but to ally painful flats and rock flip flops going home. Your feet will thank you and the Old Navy flops are super cheap so you can get all the colors. The Pill Bottle Survival Kit This is really cool! Someone realized that you can most essential survival things into a tiny pill bottle. Totally portable and unique! In the lithe pill bottle you will have: - 3 mini straw fire starters, 3 matches, 1 bandage, 1 striker, 1 hook,1 weight, tinfoil,some fishing line, razor blade,2 safety pins, 3 feet of duct tape, 2 advils, 1 birthday candle ,whistle made from straw ,Neosporin in a straw ,salt in a straw. I have linked the actual site that should each piece right here! Pill Bottle Survival Kit Hair ties. You would be surprised how annoying it is when you have a whole bag full of stuff but nothing to use if your hair tie breaks. Just buy a pack of hair ties for your bag and you will always be prepared. Pepper Spray Although I would not be surprised if most of you already have that tucked away. Walking around at night is unfortunately no joke for women.