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Trying to find a new class to get into at your local gym? Not sure what to try first? Here's is a really simple quiz to help you make that first decision. From there you can grow and try more and more classes to find what really gets you going!
Answer the questions below then scroll down to see your results!

1. You would rather work out:

a. alone b. in a small group c. the more the merrier! d. with a partner

2. You feel proud of a workout when you are:

a. completely relaxed b. a little sore c. out of breath d. drenched in sweat

3. You like a workout you can do:

a. anywhere b. alone c. outside d. in a class environment

4. Your fitness goals are:

a. Just general health (mental and physical) b. Full body toning c. Serious cardio d. Full body strength

Mostly A's - YOGA

You are looking for something more than just a slim figure. You want a healthy body and mind. Yoga will challenge you physically and mentally and will teach you that the power for health lies within you. Starting with an instructor is recommended, but once you are comfortable this is the perfect workout for at-home practice.

Mostly B's - SWIMMING

You're up for a physical challenge, but you don't always want to rely on an instructor. You'll get the thrill of a good cardio workout with the hassle of sweating or putting strain on your joints. You can do this solo, in a group, or with one or two people.

Mostly C's - SPINNING

You love a group atmosphere and are ready to 'climb those hills' with a smile on your face the whole way! Grab your best friends, a sweat towel, and a huge bottle of water and get ready for the most fun you've ever had on a bike!


You're wild, ready to sweat, and ready to get seriously strong! If your gym offers any kickboxing classes that incorporate dancing, weights, or any extra strength training for a challenge - go for it!
i started at bodybuilding then i was a runner then i saw that am strong enough to be a fighter i passed a few tests at the boxing club then am here for your info i train alone i have no partner i don't need one u should put that in mind @asparagus
Kick boxing for me too!
@noorkhlil I have been really interested in joining a cardio kickboxing class. How did you get started? This quiz told me to get into spinning :)
Yoga for me! I'm happy about that :)
I have always been a fan of swimming, but I've definitely never taken a water aerobics class!
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