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I know this may seem annoying, but since the community is on the topic, I need some help. I have always been wanting to know the laws of the land so I never have to worry about laws, but what I found sketched me out... I live in Pleasant Grove, Utah, which is like Mormon central. I am a faithful Mormon, but there is no denying that in Utah (especially where I live, where it is 95% Mormon) can be hardcore sheltered. So, skateboarding is pretty rebellious. X amount of years ago, a boarder painted the road pretty hard, and didn't make it. Since then, apparently it is illegal to skate? It seems so unfair. If someone dies because they weren't wearing their seatbelt when their car crashed, would they outlaw cars? I shouldn't be punished cause some kook didn't wear a helmet (RIP, no disrespect brother). I need some help finding some hard evidence proving that I can or can't board on the streets. I live/skate in "Pleasant Grove" and "Orem," bot in Utah of course. It would mean the world to me, thanks everyone. Bless the souls of these cops, i respect them greatly, but since most of them are native and grew up sheltered here in Utah, they are total jerks. Like, its not illegal to listen to punk rock, wear a tank top, drink mtn dew, and stand on a plank of wood with wheels. I need some power to fight back! THANK YOU EVERYONE THAT IS HELPING ME!(:
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@KTM2014 what about ashland?
i thought you said you got more tickets lol
Yeah just the one with you haha
good. I swear if I get anothrr b.s. skating ticket I'm going to leave this stupid valley
You should be able to go down to the motor vehicles dept. and ask for/find a copy of local traffic laws- like you would get to take your driving test. Memorize anything that applies. Then if you're confronted you can disputes with confidence.