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During the Ice Climbing World Cup in Switzerland, men and women rely on the flexibility of their bodies and individual tactics to overcome slippery ice challenges. In this footage, watch as they also use large tools to gain a leading advantage.

Women's Lead Results
1. Anna Gallyamova, RUS 2. Lucie Hrozova, CZE 3. Stephanie Maureau, FRA
Men's Lead Results
1. Markus Bendler, AUT/ROU 2. Maxim Tomilov, RUS 3. Heeyong Park, KOR

These guys and gals are incredible strong and skilled. I'd be so scared on those blocks of ice that are suspended. Crazy!
Madness. Ice climbing is already hard enough, but through suspended blocks of ice in the mix and you've got yourself something intense
I had no idea ice climbers could do some of these things. My jaw literally dropped like 10 times