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Roller Battles: Two enter, one emerges
Rollers are sketch enough without trying to do tricks. The Rhino Rush team had a little fun with their indoor training session with a rollers competition. The skill challenge quickly devolved into Roller Battles with some pretty epic crashes... no rollers. Fun!
Below I have pictures and descriptions of all of the challenges:
Ride standing up for 10 seconds.
Ride in your easiest gear on the small chainring below a cadence of 50.
In the same gear as the previous step, spin the pedals as fast as you can.
Ride with no hands.
Bunny hop like an ex-BMX pro.
Ride with no hands and one foot.
No switch the one foot with no hands.
Finally, battle it out with your shoulders to see who can stay on!
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Wow this is much more than I was expecting! I like how your broke down all the moves that they did. Thanks for sharing!
2 years ago·Reply
This makes indoor training so much more fun. I'm going to try some of these if and when I need to train indoors!
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@TeamWaffles @BikeSnob Glad you guys like it!
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I'll be using this. Thanks!
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