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Brooks England and Levi’s Commuter are teaming up to create a Limited Edition saddle: the Cambium Denim. The saddle will be made from recycled denim in the style of their popular Cambium saddle. It will only offered for a limited time until October.
The wash of the denims will vary, since they're made out of recycled denim that was collected in donation boxes at Levi's Commuter Workspaces. Apparently what you get is what you get!
"One of the interesting thing about the project is the variety of washes. We literally took what we could get," says Brooks England Marketing Consultant Bregan Koenigseker. "We had initially planned a much smaller release, but we collected quite a lot of denim, so we decided to increase the production."
Even though there was increased production, it was still a limited run. There are only 1000 of these available! You can still buy them online here.
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Very pretty, although I don't know how I feel about not knowing how it will look. I get that it's recycle denim, but some shades of denim look better than other IMO
@BikeSnob I kinda like how they are all a little different. It gives them character