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Yorgos Efthymiadis is a photographer drawn towards to architecture and it's associated components: shapes, forms, materials. Playing with different ways in shooting this architecture has been his forte, using perspective, viewpoints, and light to portray their unique character.
Reducing architecture to its basics, geometry, Yorgos is able to better understand how architects think and build. While viewing Yorgos' photography, I urge you to seek out these geometric structures and basic shapes that he may have seen. Much like how Yorgos tries to understand the architect, we can try to understand the photographer.
Here is what Yorgos says in an artist statement on the work:
Letting My Guard Down
“It took me over a year of collecting pieces from different countries that I’ve visited to come to the realization that no matter the place, I will always find myself drawn to serene and solitary scapes."
"I’m continuously on the move to catch up with the frenetic rhythms of reality; yet again, I remain static. I’m constantly in search of an escape, trying to free myself from holding on to the past, to an idea, a person or a thought and yet I’m constrained, bound.These images are a mirror of myself, not a window to the world outside. These solitary subjects are nothing but self-portraits, scattered glimmers of my soul; a wry representation of the weight that I carry, the anchor that holds me down”.
@Hunahuna Yes! It's a little bit like a game, and it keeps the viewer engaged. Very fun indeed
Wow! I love finding all the little details and shapes that he is looking for. Very fun photo series!