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Recently by Elaine Mayes

Recently is a photographic book by photographer Elaine Mayes:
โ€œThis book grew out of my unexpected nomadic life. It is assembled from photographs taken in response to what I saw and experienced during recent times, a period of about six years. The images come from the places and situations encountered and can be seen as a visual diary. The point of view has grown out of a lifetime of searching with my camera. I am interested in visual poetry, in the unexpected, and in the activity of paying attention to the world.โ€
โ€“ Elaine Mayes
Elaine Mayes is a well seasoned photographer, with over 50 years making photographs. Her new book "Recently" includes a variety of photographs ranging from 2008 to 2014.
During this period Elaine was:
โ€œengaged in a life of disruptions that included a series of trips across the United States, and never remaining in one place for more than three or four months. During this time, America was faced with a housing crisis and The Great Recession that affected Mayes and many others in major ways. Mayes herself was going through personal turmoil that involved multiple geographical relocations and dislocations, and this book is a reflection of her nomadic experiences.โ€
that's awesome its encourages me to keep moving forward
@hunahuna You definitely make a good point. It does seem a bit 'lost' if you will, and that lends itself to the overall project's meaning
Interesting body of work, even if it is a bit non-descriptive. I think it helps in playing a role in this devastation and loss that not only the photographer feels personally, but what is happening in the world as she takes the photographs.
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